Capital Care inc.

Recognizing that each of the persons that we serve is unique, Capital Care Inc. strives to provide them with a positive and supportive environment that nurtures and integrates their living, working, and learning as valued and valuable members of the community.

Capital Care inc. Capital Care Inc

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Capital Care Inc Capital Care Inc Capital Care Inc

Welcome To Capital Care, INC.

Capital Care is a Maryland-licensed company that provides residential and day services in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Our pricing structures are competitive and patients are billed only for the services they need.

About Us

Capital Care Inc. is a family owned business that puts people first and strives to provide excellent services to the people in the DC Metro Area. Incorporated in Maryland, it is owned completely by healthcare professionals and people with experience in the delivery healthcare services. It is a one stop health care services company that provides residential and day program services to persons with disabilities. This agency serves adults of any age. Our services are safe, secure, and of the highest quality.

Capital Care Inc